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About Workshop

A workshop on "Beginners Level Robotics" (16 Hours) presented by Technogenious Solutions™. This is a Workshop which is best suited to beginners who are taking their first step towards robotics. This workshop basically deals with designing various kinds of electronic sensors and circuits and their use in making autonomous robots without using a microcontroller.After the workshop students come up with a Wired Robot,Line tracking robot and how to make Sound operated robot andComputer Controlled Robots.

Who Can Attend

  • College students seeking career in Robotics Industry.
  • Person having interest in Robots
  • Education Faculty & Staff in robotics field
  • Telecom Professionals, Communication, Network Engineers
  • Students from any branch can attend the workshop

Workshop Highlights

  • Learn & Interact with IITians.
  • Receive an unparalleled education on the art of robots with personal one-to-one attention.
  • Simple way of teaching the subject. Doesnt matter if you know nothing about robotics
  • Hands on Demonstrations on different types of Robots.
  • Three Robots in a single Workshop:Manual, Line tracking and Light Chaser Robots.

Workshop Details

  • Participants would be required to submit the Registration charges via cash.
  • Free robotics kit to all the teams
  • All study material would be provided.
  • All the necessary softwares would be provided.
  • Workshop will be of 16 Hours (2 Days, 8 hrs each)

For Registration and more Details

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